Saturday, August 30, 2008

With feet like that

This images coming from the Showbread show, if you look at it close. That is Taylor getting kicked in the head from his rodei I believe. Those feet have been around.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One of the greatest Concerts Ever

What makes a great concert, that is a good question.

On Sunday night I went to the Showbread show in Fresno, and it was one of the best concerts that I have ever been too. So here is the story. They played in Dinuba on thursday to the other bands and me. It was honestly a hard show to watch, one of my favorite bands, and no one stayed around to see them, I felt bad for them. Then I went to go see them again on Sunday, and it was looking to be the same, just the other bands and me. I was starting to feel for them and you could see the hard look on their faces.

So they started to play, and the played one song, then they all looked at each other, put down their instruments and walked around and picked up the other persons and started to play. But this time all they played was noise. It was like they where saying, "If no one is going to stay, we are going to just have fun and goof off."

It was freaking awesome, they switched up around six times, each member playing a different instrument. I loved it, I was running around the stage just shooting galore. I almost sat down on the drums and started to play with them.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The dancing Gardner

I was sitting at home trying to be creative, and I was remembered about this footage I had of one of my counselors dancing. So I added a little bit to it.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Tonight I went to the Showbread show in Dinuba, and I must say that I had a really cool time. But what was one cool thing about it was Ryan. He plays guitar in the band Kiros that was opening and on tour with Showbread. I was just stnading outside drinking my Redbull and he came out and started talking to me. I know that he was just walking around talking to the kids, but I was very thankfull to have someone to talk to.

The top is not Ryan, the bottom is.

He turned out to be a cool guy, so I decided to take pictures of the band, and at the end of there set, which was really cool, the band turned out to be pretty cool guys to. It was allot of fun shoting them, they had awesome stage presence, it just suck that no one was there.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Air condition

One night I was talking with the police chief at a dinner party, and he knew that I was a photographer. He started telling all these pictures around Hanford that I should take. One was of this old man that would cut hair at this barber shop. I drove past that place for almost a year wanting to take pictures of that man, until one day he was on the front page saying that he pasted away.

I never made it to get pictures of that man and I kick myself ever time I drive past it. But this store front was on of the other places that police Chief told me about, I drove past it allot waiting for the sign to be lite up, and it finally did.

What the police Chief was telling me about this place was the sign. So what if it has "Air Condition" on the front. But back in the 60's when it was open, that was a big deal.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Camp video

I stayed up all weekend and here it is, the camp victory 2008 video, I hope you enjoy.

For some reason I don't know why it does not play, but I am working on it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

more from camp

Camp this year was awesome, and have been having a hard time trying to get back at normal life. I am makeing a camp video again and a friend told me last night that I should try to incorperate what happend at camp in the video.

How do I incorperate these things that happend at camp. Fun, awesome, God, amazing, laughter, how do you make a video of that. We will see.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the coolest camper, Samantha

I have returned from beyond and back. It was amazing time and I had allot of fun and did allot of hard work.

Now you might be asking why this girl, Samantha, was the coolest camper and the first post about camp is her. The answer is simply, she believed me about Mike the fly elephant.

A little back story. The second week at camp I was the camp director and was giving a room with my own bathroom and shower I was loving it. Then Tuesday morning I woke up and went to the meeting to find out Samantha had a flu and need to be seperated from the others, so I had to give up my room. I was the camp director, I was very very mad that I was being treated like this.

Well the next day after sleeping in a tent and losing my bathroom, I was still upset. The boss told me I should go see Samantha and just let her know that I was thinking of my campers. So I did, and to shorten the story, after spending a little time, and making up a story that the other campers where riding Mike the flying elephant for rec time, I started to enjoy hanging out with her.

After spending most of the day with her, it came to surface, God was really working on my heart, I felt so bad that I had disliked her because she took my room. It made me think of the reason why I was there, to show and share Christ's love for these kids. Samantha had to leave three days early because of the flu. The best part of the two weeks there was Samantha making me give her a piggy back ride to the car so she could leave. I will admit, a tear almost fell watching her go.