Wednesday, August 31, 2005

No Limit Texas Holdem. Ever see Rounders, I don't know if I am more like Edward Norton or Matt Damon. People say I am more like Oprah, I don't see it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So I went to my friends blog, and in his profile they asked him what type of music he likes, his respond to it, anything but rap (sorry stephen). I will get you back Taylor, I will have you saying for shizzel in no time.

This is my yonger brother, Jon, he is home for a week before he goes to Azuza for school. It is cool having him home. He gave me some episodes of Arrested Development which are really funny, like really funny.

Friday, August 19, 2005

The buddy system is fool proff, sorry, but I am watching the Simpsons as I type this. Tuesday, my mother and I went up to Santa Cruz to take my brother to the hospital for some test. It's not that serious, they stuck a camera down his throat, I had some pictures of it but they are still up in Santa Cruz. The doctors found that his stomach was ok and they now believe that he has gual stones. Because of this my borther is on a no fat diet, so for the past two months he has only been eating rice krispies and steam.

This weekend I am taking some of the youth in my chruch and we are going floating. That's right, taking an intertube and floating down the river, so sweet.

If you were a Simpson Charecter, who would you be? I think I would be Milhouse.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Yes, the weekend is gone.

To start off the weekend, a friend asked me to come help him take pictures of his youth rally that was going on at this church. It was fun, but it was more for high school kids, and they did a good job at it, so here are two pictures that I took there.

On Saturday, I went to this creative workshop, because I already tipped over all the cows, to be honest it didn't really give me any creativity, but I made some awesome contacts, the guy who started the church turned out to be a guy that I skated with once many years ago, talk about a small world. To top off a great day, a friend (Meg) from Santa Barbara was up in the area shooting and called me, so we had dinner at this really good place called Brew Bakers, when she left, a friend and I went and saw a movie. I will not say what movie it was, all I will say is that I felt so bad at watching it, I came home and poured lemon juice in my eyes just to clean them out. A comdian said that if you want to watch a 4 star movie this summer, go and see Dukes of Hazard 8 times. I havn't seen it yet, and a friend says that it is alright, still the best movie this summer is Batman.

Monday, August 08, 2005

So I spent a week in Santa Cruz for a family reuinon. It was awesome that the Abbas 8 where all together, and hopefully the Abbas will be 9 and then 10, but that is a different post. Being able to hold my cool niece Jenna and being woken up at 11 in the morning by my nephew jumping on me, and the Abbas men played not the best golf game, but it is safe to say the funnist game that we have ever played. We had to play an extra hole, but at the end, the score was still tied. Word for the wise, when you play paintball wear something on your head, there was a sore spot up there for like a week, and I still don't know who hit me.

Steebo out

the abbas 8 which could soon be 9

Me and Jenna the great the coolest neice

No longer a naked baby, josh, my nephew, is growing to be a cool kid
This is a test to see if I am getting all this blogging stuff. If this is a test then why am I typing so much.