Sunday, July 10, 2011

Here's looking at you, Kid.

Well I am sorry to say that this is my last post for this blog. Somethings have happened in my life, and I have started changing my life, getting rid of old, doing other things.

Last month my father past away from cancer, and from them, I have just lost allot of my drive in life, and to be honest, allot of the time I just want to say f!!K it. Not really sure what is next for me, will I finally grow a pair and follow the path that God has for me, or will I just sit in the corner and cry about why is everyones life better than mine.

Here is the good news, even thou Blog Spot has been really good to me, I never could get the layout that I really wanted, so I moved over to Tumblr. You can book mark that page and continue on watching my life play out.

Real quick, THANKYOU to everyone that ever left a post or ever just looked at my work, I am very greatfull.

Now lets begin the next Chapter.


Tim Abbas said...

It's on my bookmarks :) Thanks again for the fun couple of days, it was just what I needed too

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